We are selling real estate agents, we have a wide portfolio of properties in the field of high Navy. We also have extensive experience in the rental and management of vacation homes as well as maintenance and other services of the same.

Especially we are a dynamic company that aims to provide a personalized service according to the needs of our customers. This task makes our daily activity is recreated to satisfy that demand.

Our new office is located in the beautiful road from Moraira to Calpe. Whether for access from Moraira, Benissa or Calpe or from, you'll enjoy the wonderful views offered by our Mediterranean coast.

Why the company name. It is always difficult to find a name that reflects a project. For different reasons the name came to us. the place name Andragó not far from where our office opened the door, we thought when we visited our local, a gecko welcomed us, is very common to find this cute little animal in almost all the houses and gardens of the Mediterranean coast. simply adapted the English name and tried .... so was born the name of our company